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Reports by Kim Richardson, Cross Country Captain


Derby Runner League Race 6 - Bosworth Battlefield 3/3/19

Report to follow.

Derby Runner League Race 5 - Grace Dieu 17/2/19

Report to follow.

Derby Runner League Race 4 - Bagworth 13/1/19

It was a cold and grey morning at Bagworth, with showers of light rain, but that didn’t deter the hardy Roadhoggs as 15 guys and 5 girls came along to our team’s transportable race preparation and recovery centre and prepared to take on the 5.5 miles of muddy running at Bagworth Heath. The course is over 2.5 laps, each of which includes sections of narrow tracks and the tough climb up to the ridge from where you can enjoy a nice view over the heath if only you didn’t have to keep running!
We welcomed first time runners Sezer and Chris, both of whom only joined Roadhoggs in the last few weeks and already taking on cross  country running for us. The mens and ladies races started together as 500+ set off up the long steady climb which greets you at the start of each lap. As the race unfolded there were some heroic Roadhoggs moments; first, Sam C was running whilst still suffering a shin injury and tried to keep going but was advised to pull out on lap 2 by a marshal who could see that he was in pain ... there will be another race for you Sam when you are fully recovered. Later, Lee fell and rolled in the mud at the hairpin turn at the bottom of the ridge and came in all muddied, whilst Marcus picked a fight with a thorn bush and came in all bloodied.
For most of the race Richard (older dude) led Sam J (younger dude) round but Sam managed to overhaul him on the last hill to be our first guy home. Chairman Dave was next, and then Sezer with a great debut run which he seemed to enjoy. Andy and Berhane came in next, and then Steve W with a strong second half run, and then George completed the scorers. Marcus finished just outside the scoring positions for the second time, which he finds frustrating but I’m sure you haven’t finished scoring points for us yet Marcus. Chris, Mat, Shaun and Brian followed in.
For the girls we missed one or two who couldn’t make it today, especially the younger ones as out team today were all vets! Jeannette, who has been in great form lately, found the going really hard today, so Trudy stepped up; after a steady start she eased her way by other runners to be first Hoggette home. Jeannette was in next, and then Natasha and Cath before Siobhan came in with her usual dogged determination.
Everyone was glad to get back to the tent to get warm and dry and enjoy some coffee and of course Trudy’s fabulous cakes. Teamwise, the girls  and guys stayed in the same positions but in the combined results we moved up a place ... not quite a promotion charge but the right direction! Anyway it was tough work for all today but the Roadhoggs team spirit came through again and they were soon talking up the next race.
RESULTS: MEN: 74th Sam Jolly 46.01, 78th Richard Garnett (V60) 46.22, 85th Dave Lodwick (V55) 46.53, 131st Sezer Domac (V50) 49.24, 146th Andy Gale (V50) 50.23, 176th Berhane Germai 52.34, 177th Steve Wheeler (V50) 52.39, 222nd George Barratt 55.29, 242nd Marcus Shaikh (V40) 57.05, 263rd Chris Brooks (V45) 59.55, 290th Lee Fairclough 63.42, 303rd Mat  Jenkinson (V40) 67.26, 320th Shaun Heaphy (V60) 75.19, 322nd Brian Feldman (V70) 77.17, Sam Crouchman dnf, 327 finished.
LADIES: 117th Trudy Sharpe (V45) 64.13, 159th Jeannette Franklin (V60) 69.27, 173rd Natasha Eastwood (V40) 72.11, 198th Cath Brooks (V45) 78.33, 211th Siobhan Ridgeway (V45) 83.12, 216 finished.
TEAMS (all division 2): Men 7th, Ladies 14th, Combined team 10th.
TEAMS AFTER 4 RACES: Men 10th, Ladies 14th, Combined team 9th.

Derby Runner League Race 3 - Bradgate 9/12/18

 The 3rd xc league event this season returned to Bradgate Park, hosted by Roadhoggs. First I must thank our many members (and families and friends) who volunteered to help out on the day, including some who would have preferred to run the event but stepped up to help instead, and others who helped with the car parking and then ran the race. It was raining as we were setting out the course and putting up parking signs, so the omens did not look good for the day, but the sun came out later and both runners and volunteers enjoyed fine weather for the rest of the morning.
Bradgate Park is a superb cross country venue, one of the best and most popular in the league. The first race was the junior run which saw around 100 children, from the quite tall to the very small, set off around a 1 mile loop (twice round for the older children), led by our hares Dave Pearce and Mark Ramsden. As always in the junior races, the pace at the front was frantic and Dave and Mark had to run as fast as they could to keep ahead! Mark then had a short time to recover and prepare as he was also running the adult race, a true Roadhogg.   
In the main event, the men set off first and the ladies followed a few minutes later. Dave Lod, your Chairman and course director for the day, had designed a 5.4 mile course over 2 different loops around the park, with plenty of long hills and scenic views included. Although many Roadhoggs were marshalling out on the course or patrolling the roads , we still had full teams out as 13 Hoggs and 4 Hoggettes ran for us. We welcomed debutants Berhane Germai and Anna and Daniel del Greco. Mark, despite his earlier efforts leading the juniors, was first home for us, and then James with a terrific run just getting by Richard in the latter part of the course. Next in was Berhane, despite falling in the mud on his first cross country run, and then Andy and the 2 Sams. Steve W was our final scorer, just edging out Marcus who was disappointed not to earn points for us! They were followed home by Daniel, Lee, Mat and then Shaun, all in close order. For the girls, it was good to see Leah back again as she led the team home, followed in by Aruna, smiley Janet and Anna, who nearly fell at the halfway point but somehow regained her footing and carried on. It was good to see more younger Roadhoggs out there and not leaving cross country running to the older dudes. Both Daniel and Anna only started out running in the summer and this was their biggest challenge so far ... I hope they and Berhane come back for more!
A lady runner from Stilton Striders collapsed in a faint around 2 miles into the race but was attended by the medics and park rangers and recovered ok back at base.
Afterwards there was coffee and Trudy’s magnificent cakes to enjoy back at the Roadhoggs tent. The updated team results are not out yet but the ladies team should have held their place whilst the mens team should have improved a little. Thanks to all Roadhoggs who ran and gave 100% on what was a tough course and a long day for some, and again to our volunteers on the day who helped to make it all happen. We have a terrific team spirit and cameraderie in this club, which is so evident on days like this.
MEN: 64th Mark Ramsden 37.32, 102nd James Thurman 39.50, 110th Richard Garnett (V60) 40.06, 124th Berhane Germai 40.56, 142nd Andy Gale (V50) 41.47, 150th Sam Jolly 42.23, 159th Sam Crouchman 42.50, 201st Steve Wheeler (V50) 44.49, 203rd Marcus Shaikh (V40) 44.52, 284th Daniel Del Greco 53.37, 285th Lee Fairclough 53.47, 288th Mat Jenkinson (V40) 53.59, 305th Shaun Heaphy (V60) 62.02, 311 finished. 
LADIES: 51st Leah Boatman 46.07, 121st Aruna Bhagwan (V55) 53.24, 164th Janet Hall (V40) 58.11, 187th Anna Del Greco 65.34, 199 finished.
TEAM (division 2): Men 7th, Ladies 14th, Combined 9th.
After 3 races: Men 9th, Ladies 14th, Combined 10th.

Derby Runner League Race 2 - Holly hayes 18/11/18

It was bright and calm, but a little cold, as our Roadhoggs assembled around the club hospitality centre in the tent village alongside Holly Hayes Woods. It was good to welcome new runners Cath Brooks and Mat Jenkinson who were making their cross country debuts for us, and it was also good to see Steve Wheeler and new dad Sam Jolly back again. In all we had 11 guys and 8 girls, who prepared for the race with some jolly chat and mutual encouragement as the Roadhoggs who have run this event before were passing on tips and advice about the course. Usha and Siobhan left it late and didn’t have much time to prepare, but they were ready when the time came to walk the short distance to the start.
The men started 10 minutes before the ladies, but the faster girls were soon mixing it with the men. The Holly Hayes course is about 6 miles around 2-and-a-bit laps of fairly flat terrain, with just a few lumps and bumps here and there to break your stride. Much of the course is along narrow and uneven woodland paths with plenty of trip hazards and a difficult stream crossing over boulders, so you had to watch your footing and pick your moment to overtake. The stream crossing was a bit of a bottleneck where some runners had to wait their turn, and all had to step carefully across the boulders and scramble up the other side.
Mark was first guy home again, with Chairman Dave next in and still showing that hard training produces good results. Then came our Sams with Sam Crouchman chasing Sam Jolly the whole way, followed by our vet guys Andy, Steve, Marcus, and new guy Mat. Lee was next, still re-discovering the joy of cross country running, and then golden oldies Shaun and Brian brought up the rear. Aruna led the girls home, followed in by Helen and then Janet and Jeannette who also had their own battle with Jeannette hanging on to Janet despite falling in the woods and grazing her arm! Next in were Hilary and new girl Cath, and finally another personal battle which saw Siobhan get the better of Usha for the first time. The mens team slipped a bit from the first race, whilst the ladies held their place; credit to all of the Roadhoggs guys and girls for giving 100%+ as always, on a tricky course which required extra effort just to stay on your feet.
We missed Trudy who was working, but she didn’t let us down as her delicious cakes were brought in by Marcus and much enjoyed by everyone after the race, along with coffee from Brian and Kim.
MEN: 27th Mark Ramsden 35.28, 114th Dave Lodwick (V55) 40.17, 141st Sam Jolly 41.24, 147th Sam Crouchman 41.44, 168th Andy Gale (V50) 42.52, 235th Steve Wheeler (V50) 46.31, 256th Marcus Shaikh (V40) 47.30, 321st Mat Jenkinson (V40) 53.07, 322nd Lee Fairclough 53.11, 349th Shaun Heaphy (V60) 58.18, 357th Brian Feldman (V70) 66.30, 357 finished. 
LADIES: 130th Aruna Bhagwan (V55) 53.02, 162nd Helen Arthur (V50) 55.19, 180th Janet Hall (V40) 58.23, 185th Jeannette Franklin (V60) 58.44, 202nd Hilary Browne (V55) 60.36, 213rd Cath Brooks (V45) 63.39, 222nd Siobhan Ridgeway (V45) 66.38, 223rd Usha Goyal (V45) 66.48, 228 finished.
TEAM (division 2): Men 12th, Ladies 14th, Combined 13th.
After 2 races: Men 12th, Ladies 14th, Combined 13th.


Derby Runner League Race 1 - Launde Abbey 28/10/18

The 2018/19 league season licked off in bright sunshine in the beautiful rolling hills and green pastures surrounding Launde Abbey, a new venue for the League. As you drove down into the valley where the club tents were being pitched and banners being erected with the Abbey in the background, it looked like a medieval battle encampment. The air was cold and breezy, but the sun was out as we gathered around the Roadhoggs mobile hospitality centre and looked out across the landscape ... wherever the course was going to go, it was going to be very hilly! Gemma Steele was there as a guest, a national champion but still not forgetting the cross-country league where she started out.
We welcomed xc debutants Hilary, Andy and Lee, and welcomed back Amy, as a total of 11 hoggs, 9 hoggettes, and 2 hoglets turned out to run for the team. First, the Singh dynasty included Gurmit’s 2 boys in the junior races. Young Gurtej ran an excellent 5th in the primary race, and then older brother Ashveer came in 12th in the secondary race, though he found the second lap really tough going ... we have future Roadhoggs in the making here.
The adult course was indeed hilly; it was 2 laps which started with a long climb and then continued with more ups and downs than we have seen for a long time ... Siobhan called it ‘challenging’. Also much of the ground was sheep grazing land and so the surface was uneven and you had to watch your footing. A number of runners slipped or tripped, including our own Sam who went down on the second lap and hurt his ankle and finished the race in some pain (the next day it was sore and swollen, but no serious damage done). One West End runner survived the race and then fell while jogging back to the tent village! Great credit to everyone for working so hard on what proved to be a tough course. Mark was our first guy home in a gutsy 31st, followed by more mature runners Chairman Dave and Richard, then Gurmit and debutant Andy. For the girls Aruna led the way home, and then smiley Janet and then Jeannette who seems to be enjoying a real purple patch these days. In fact the Roadhoggs team is more ‘older’ than ‘younger’ and, with great respect to the older runners who always run so well for us, we could really do with more younger guys and girls racing out there in the countryside and bagging more points. Come on you younger Roadhoggs, don’t let the old guys rule!
Back in the tent we enjoyed Trudy’s marvellous cakes, always a welcome reward after all that running. Launde turned out to be a good new venue for the league, very scenic and with good parking (though it’s on grass, so it has to be dry). There are plenty of course options and they should be able to find routes with less hazardous ground next time.
MEN: 31st Mark Ramsden 39.57, 97th Dave Lodwick (V55) 44.04, 101st Richard Garnett (V60) 44.34, 140th Gurmit Singh 46.43, 175th Andy Gale (V50) 49.10, 176th Sam Crouchman 49.12, 194th Marcus Shaikh (V40) 50.15, 202nd George Barratt 50.59, 269th Baz Barratt (V55) 58.36, 275th Lee Fairclough 60.26, 296th Shaun Heaphy (V60) 67.45, 298 finished. 
LADIES: 117th Aruna Bhagwan (V55) 61.03, 141st Janet Hall (V40) 63.24, 144th Jeannette Franklin (V60) 64.05, 148th Trudy Sharpe (V45) 64.30, 156th Amy Gasper (V40) 65.35, 165th Natasha Eastwood (V40) 66.34, 173rd Hilary Browne (V55) 67.36, 197th Usha Goyal (V45) 76.28, 198th Siobhan Ridgeway (V45) 76.36, 204 finished.
TEAMS (division 2): Men 9th, Ladies 14th, Combined 10th.   


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