Roadhoggs Leicester AC

Roadhogg runners


How did the club get its name?

I suppose it all started with the huge success of the first ever London Marathon in 1981. Suddenly you started to see people running through the streets in an effort to keep fit. Suddenly road-running races started to spring up around the county. Suddenly new clubs started to form around Leicestershire alongside Leicester Coritanians. At Hoggs Insurance Brokers a group of us started to run together at lunchtimes. Some of these had already joined running clubs to run in the newly formed Leicestershire Road-Running League. On these lunch-time runs the idea of forming our own club started to take up more and more chatter, and eventually in the summer of 1984 a meeting was set-up in which the idea and plans were put forward to the interested members. From this meeting plans were put in place to elect a Committee and a new constitution and to register with the Midland Counties AAA as a newly formed club under the name of Hogg Robinson Roadhoggs. This was sanctioned and in August 1984 the new club under the Chairmanship of Kim Richardson took to the roads. The original colours were blue following the generous sponsorship of the Insurance Brokers and in the early days membership was limited to company employees only. These restrictions were relaxed over the years as friends and relations began to join up with the other runners. In 1991 the club changed its name to Roadhoggs Leicester AC and in 1997 the club colours became burgundy after the Aon Group had taken over from Bain Hogg.


Dave Swan, President


Original Club Colours

Kim Richardson
Founding Chairman Kim Richardson

Colin Smith
Former treasurer Colin Smith