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LRRL Spring League: Stilton 7

February proved too wet, even for cross country but fortunately the opening fixture of the 2020 Leicestershire Road Running League went ahead. Race day was breezy and bright but the course had not escaped the effects of rain completely. There was a large puddle across the full width of the road, with even the crown being covered by a couple of inches of water. A photographer had hidden himself in the undergrowth and he was rewarded with shots of water splashing up as people ploughed through the puddle (plus the odd look of horror from those with shiny new shoes).

The first race of the season is always one of discovery; what is my form going to be like, how’s everyone else, how will the new members take to it? It turns out that the answers to those questions where, OK (but no cigar), excellent and very well. Last year, only two ladies ran, so it was good to have ten on the start line this time. Of our new members, only John Drake dipped his toe in the water but I'm sure others will follow.

Laura showed that Marathon training has not taken the edge off her speed by leading the ladies with an excellent 9th place finish (and Silver Standard). Athlete of the Year Kathryn put aside injury problems to finish 14th and Leah set a PB in 18th. Jackie achieved the Gold Standard she was targeting, and Gem set a good time in her first 7 mile race. Charly was happy to achieve a PB, whilst training for her first ultra, and Adele completed the veteran team. Janet, Cath and Liz all ran well and, more importantly, were rightly satisfied with their races.

The men’s performance was a revelation. We kind of expect good finishes from Mark, Gurmit and Sam (even if we should never take them for granted) and they duly delivered in 18th, 29th and 45th respectively. That translated into two Golds, a Silver and PBs for Gurmit and Sam. It was behind these three that the Roadhogg battle really raged. David, Sezer, a resurgent Tom and Harry all broke 50 minutes and the top 100. Harry also set a PB. Steve W was our final counter (in 102nd) and he led in Dave, Terry, John D and Andy G. Dale was next, followed by a resurgent Marcus (Marathon training is obviously suiting him) and Matt B. Chris B broke the hour and Mat J was our final man home.

Laura Pepper (SF) 9th, 49.23, Silver; Kathryn Evans (V45) 14th, 51.16, Silver; Leah Boatman (SF) 18th, 52.00(PB), Bronze; Jackie Brown 37th, 54.36, Gold; Gem Wheldon (SF) 42nd, 55.32, Bronze; Charly Feldman (SF) 61st, 58.09, Copper; Adele Postance (V40) 96th, 1.02.33, Copper; Janet Hall (V45) 129th, 1.07.27, Copper; Cath Brooks (V45) 141st, 1.10.41, Pewter; Liz Butler (V40) 182nd, 1.18.31, Tungsten.

Mark Ramsden (V40) 18th, 42.40, Gold; Gurmit Singh (V40) 29th, 43.46, Gold; Sam Jolly (SM) 45th, 45.02(PB), Silver; David White (SM) 81st, 48.14, Bronze; Sezer Domac (V50) 84th, 48.55, Silver; Tom Martin (V40) 90th, 49.13, Bronze; Harry Short (V40) 98th, 49.40, Bronze; Steve Wheeler (V40) 102nd, 50.00, Silver; Dave Lodwick (V55) 107th, 50.11, Silver; Terry Woodhouse (V45) 109th, 50.08, Bronze; John Drake (SM) 116th, 50.58, Copper; Andy Gale (V50) 119th, 51.07, Silver; Dale Jenkins (V60) 133rd, 52.24, Silver; Marcus Shaikh (V45) 154th, 53.52, Bronze; Matt Buswell (V45) 175th, 55.46, Copper; Chris Brooks (V45) 201st, 59.33, Copper; Mat Jenkinson (V45) 242nd, 1.07.05, Pewter.



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