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Who are we?

We are simply a group of friendly people who love to run. Some of us are quick.... and some of us are not! It doesn't matter. Whether you’re a serious runner, a social runner or just starting out, we’d love to welcome you to our club. Whatever you want out of your running; be it competition, fitness, weight loss or that first 10K, half or even full Marathon, our more experienced runners are happy to offer advice and above all, encouragement. If we had anything as grand as a 'club philosophy' it would be that running should be fun and that it is about achieving personal goals, not necessarily breaking records.

Where do we meet?

During the winter months (mid September to March) we meet every Wednesday at Manor Road (meeting in the car park of the new University Sports Centre). We meet at 6.55pm for a 7.00pm start. During the summer months and lighter evenings (April to early September) we often visit the Leicestershire countryside basing our run in one of the County villages. You can find out where we are running and download a map of the route on our homepage. We have a hill/interval session (7pm, Victoria Park War Memorial) on most Tuesdays and a small number of members also meet on Monday nights from St Andrew's FC in Aylestone.

What happens at a training night?

We usually have 3 routes planned: 4 miles, 5-6 miles and 6-7 miles and maps of each route are posted on the homepage in advance. We don't operate regimented pace groups but encourage those running each route to organise themselves according to the speed they want to run. Who you run with depends on how much you want to push yourself (or where the most interesting conversation is going on)! For some runners Wednesday training is an opportunity to have a good workout, whereas for others it is mostly a social thing. Whilst we like to keep things informal, we will always make sure that new runners and beginners have someone to run with.

I'm worried I won't be good enough.

Don't worry! If you like to run then the chances are, you'll be fine. We are not all elite athletes (far from it in some cases!). To get the most out of our training runs it would be best if you can manage to run about 4 miles without stopping (whatever the speed). We also operate an 'improvers' group for those that have completed a parkrun (or 5K) and want to build up their distance. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere - none of us were born runners - and we're very happy to help you. We have 6 qualified run leaders (trained to work with beginners) to help you on your way. Most people find that running with others is the quickest and easiest way to improve. If you make a regular commitment to your running, whether it is with a club or on your own, you'll be surprised to find how quickly you improve.

Complete Beginner?

If you're a complete beginner or you're not confident about joining a club, we offer 'Couch to 5K' type beginner running courses starting in January and October. If you're interested, please contact us. Alternatively, you could run with our sister group Scraptoft Joggers; (lead by Clint, one of our honorary members) who meet on a Monday.

Does everybody do races?

No. We all run for different reasons and we welcome the social, the competitive and the in between (which probably applies to many of us). Many of our members take part in the Leicestershire Road Running League, the Derby Runner Cross Country League and most local races. Some runners join us as experienced racers, some know they want to give it a try but others, who now find they enjoy it, hadn't even considered it when they joined. We're delighted when members want to represent the club by entering races, but we will never push.  

If you've never tried one, races can be a lot of fun, and they're a great way improve your fitness. Don't worry if you're not very quick - you're almost guaranteed not to be last and nobody minds if you are, anyway! Runners are friendly and supportive people, so you'll get plenty of encouragement along the way.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

If you are interested in running with us, just turn up to one of the Wednesday training nights (approx. 6:55 for a 7pm start). Check the training pages for details. You are welcome to come and run with us anytime you like, without obligation; you don't need to sign up straight away. If you'd like more information you can email us or phone Dave Lodwick on 07711 588986.

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The Leicestershire Road Running League

The Leicestershire Road Running League recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. There are currently 29 affiliated clubs. The League is decided over the course of up to 11 races running from January to August or September each year. League positions are decided on the basis of the aggregate scores of the first 8 men (men), first 4 men over 40 (veteran men), first 4 ladies (ladies) or first 3 ladies over 40 (veteran ladies) to finish, from each team. There is no team selection - everyone who wants to run, can do - and anyone finishing high enough will count for the team.

Races designated as part of the Winter League are only open to members of league clubs. Summer League are open to anyone. LRRL club members must enter for each individual race through the normal race entry. League points and individual rankings are calculated once the unaffiliated runners have been removed from the results.

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