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Reports by Kim Richardson, Cross Country Captain

Derby Runner League Race 6 - Holly Hayes Woods 3/3/13

The last race of this season’s league was at Holly Hayes woods, a brand new venue near Whitwick. It was sunny and mild. The refugee village was a bit crowded due to limited space but that made for a some good banter between the clubs. The course was shorter than advertised, more like 4.5 than 5 miles, around three laps of the Holly Hayes woods and trails. It was muddy in some places and included 3 stream crossings to splash through. From the centre of the course you could see the runners close by on two sides, which was great for spectators but hard on the runners who could see other runners finishing just yards to their left whilst they still had another mile to go!  It was a nice venue and I hope we use it again. Before the race Amy’s friend Katharina, who was visiting from Frankfurt, took a photo of Amy surrounded by all the Roadhoggs men. I think this was for a German celebrity magazine.  

The girls answered Captain Jackie’s call and came out strongly. Rebecca landed a brilliant 7th place with Jackie not far behind in 12th. Then came Amy and Rachel who both had best finishing positions, followed by Ruth and then Barbara and Trudy pushing each other round the course. The girls finished 2nd in the division today. For the men Nick told me he started too quickly, he was 4th after the first lap and lost some ground after that but hung on to finish 8th. Young Harry, in his debut race, led Sam for most of it but Sam hauled him in on the last lap. Dale was next, having a much better race and right up there with runners much, much, much younger than him. Jerry was close behind, then Steve who took another scalp in Colin, then Chris who has just about recovered from being knocked off his bike a few weeks ago. Mind you, after seeing one guy today running with a broken arm in a sling I will not accept any injury excuses from Roadhoggs in future. Ian and Hamir, also in his first race, closed the team in. Ian is also slowly working his way through the field; we have seen some terrific personal improvements in the Roadhoggs team this season.  

Dave Lod helped as timekeeper for the race, and Katharina cheered everybody by and took photos. Afterwards we scoffed Trudy’s cakes again with the smell of bacon coming from Barrow’s tent next door, mmmm. We made a presentation to Trudy for the cakes she has brought along all season.  

Thanks to everyone who ran in all the league races this season. We held our place with 8th in division 1 of the overall league, and the men were 3rd and the ladies 4th in division 2, a great result all round considering we are competing with the bigger clubs. And in Roadhoggs it’s all so friendly and relaxed, which makes each event all the more enjoyable.  

RESULTS (4.5m):
MEN: 8th Nick Cobley 27.16, 59th Sam Jolly 30.09, 65th Harry Jones (U20) 30.24, 92nd Dale Jenkins (V50) 32.156, 94th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 32.31, 116th Steve Wheeler (V40) 33.31, 126th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 34.12, 137th Chris Peach (V40) 35.12, 176th Ian Bass (V40) 39.34, 183rd Hamir Godhania 40.14, 2056 finished.
LADIES:  7th Rebecca Bromwich 33.06, 12th Jackie Brown (V40) 34.19, 38th Amy Gasper 37.55, 43rd Rachel Clarke 38.34, 49th Ruth Stevely )V40) 39.47, 68th Barbara Hermann 42.31, 71st Trudy Sharpe (V40) 42.47, 93 finished.
TEAMS: Men 3rd dvn 2, ladies 2nd dvn 2, combined 7th dvn 1.
TEAMS AFTER 6  RACES (FINAL POSITIONS):  Men 3rd dvn 2, ladies 4th dvn 2, combined 8th dvn 1.  

Derby Runner League Race 5 - Fosse Meadows 17/2/13

It was a bright and sunny morning, and just a little cold. After a depleted team last weekend, Roadhoggs came to answer the call. Lynne and I stood at the club preparation and recovery centre and stared across the field at Fosse Meadows, looking in the distance for burgundy tops coming our way. They came in their twos and threes and in the end 14 Hoggs and 6 Hoggettes stood at the start. As well as plenty of runners, Craig, Jess and Valerie also came along to support the team, and Valerie became our photographer for the day. We welcomed Rae Clark to her first cross-country race for Roadhoggs.

This was a course which has been used before, but not for a few years. It is quite pretty and flat, but long at almost 6 miles. You would think that a flat course would be easier running but this was not, there was a lot of standing water so it was wet and muddy underfoot as usual. In fact, there was a section of almost a mile across ploughed fields which should have been the most difficult part of the course but in fact it was the easiest, as here the mud had been compacted. We stood by the brook because it’s always entertaining watching the runners go through the water; some leapt in and charged across, and some picked their way more carefully and risked being splashed by someone else trying to get by. Amy took a splashing from some big guy and threw some water back at him as well, go Amy. Everyone said that a ‘puddle’ out on the grassland was deeper than the brook … you were in it over your knees if you ran through the middle!

Nick just missed out on the top 10 again, followed in by Jerry and John D and then by John H and Dale. John D and Morgan continued their race by race improvement, and Steve Wheeler had his best run for us so far. For the girls Jackie stormed round in 15th, her best ever placing. Then came Rae on her debut and then wet Amy who is also improving with every race. And what is John Stew doing way back there? I am worried that he is wandering off out in the countryside before finding his way back to the race again. Or does he know what Trudy is putting in her cakes? In the combined league dvn 1 we climbed a place to 8th. Afterwards, as an early celebration for my forthcoming 60th birthday (I know you don’t believe it) we went to the pub and enjoyed some birthday cake and a drink together. Thanks guys, I appreciated that.

RESULTS: (5.75m)
MEN: 12th Nick Cobley 36.01, 70th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 41.48, 72nd John Davies (V40) 42.00, 108th John Hallisey 44.08, 109th Dale Jenkins (V50) 44.09, 117th Morgan Gaylard 45.10, 123rd Steve Wheeler (V40) 45.27, 126th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 45.33, 131st Steve Robinson 46.16, 134th Dave Lodwick (V50) 46.35, 153rd Baz Barrett (V50) 48.24160th Dan Bannatyne 50.17, 189th Ian Bass 55.13, 204th John Stew (V50) 61.45, 211 finished. LADIES: 15th Jackie Brown (V40) 46.48, 51.29 Rae Clark 51.29, 43rd Amy Gasper 52.01, 53rd Ruth Stevely (V40) 53.50, 55th Barbara Hermann 54.02, 69th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 58.12, 102 finished.
TEAMS: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 3rd dvn 2, combined 6th dvn 1. TEAMS AFTER 3 RACES: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 3rd dvn 2, combined 8th dvn 1.

Derby Runner League Race 4 - Foremark 10/2/13

It was cold, rainy, wet and muddy at Foremark. At least we could see the reservoir, unlike last year when it was foggy. The Roadhoggs team was smaller than we have enjoyed recently, we managed a good men's team but the ladies were one short so we used up our once-a-season awarded last place. This is a 2-lap course with a couple of tough hills in each lap. With the mud it was near impossible to get up the second hill without using your hands to get a grip. At least with this race you get a mile long flat straight along a gravel path after the hills, but then comes a sharp downhill with a very tight turn at the bottom where several runners slipped over.  

Jackie’s hamstring was not up to the race after Charnwood Hills a week ago but she was there to encourage her team mates. We watched our runners go by 4 times during the race, so I was also able to shout encouragement to keep going and a few compliments about good body shape.  

Colin and Dave Lod both ran with injuries. Nick led the men in again, swearing as he does as he sprints to the line. Then a welcome return from Sam Jolly and great runs from John D and Dale. Robin, Colin and Dave Lod had their own race and chased each other in, followed by Steve, Baz and Ian, who was still smiling at the end. Ruth was first girl home and then Trudy, who fell but got up and carried on.  Clare had a hard time but still got to the finish like a good Roadhogg. The men's team climbed from 4th to 3rd in the division, but the ladies dropped from 3rd to 4th.  

Thanks Trudy and Clare once again for the cakes, they are much enjoyed by our cold and tired runners. Back at home I am drying out the club tent and tarp, so they will be ready again for Fosse Meadows this coming Sunday.  

RESULTS: (5.5m)
MEN: 11th Nick Cobley 35.36, 73rd Sam Jolly 41.52, 79th John Davies (V40) 42.07, 91st Dale Jenkins (V50) 43.02, 109th Robin Meynell 44.40, 110th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 44.43, 113th Dave Lodwick (V50) 44.55, 120th Steve Wheeler (V40) 45.26, 154th Baz Barrett (V50) 48.18, 189th Ian Bass 55.35, 197 finished.
LADIES: 48th Ruth Stevely (V40) 52.25, 77th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 58.09, 79th Clare Mendes 58.29, 97 finished.
TEAMS: Men 3rd dvn 2, ladies 5th dvn 2, combined 8th dvn 1. TEAMS AFTER 3 RACES: Men 3rd dvn 2, ladies 4th dvn 2, combined 9th dvn 1.

Derby Runner League Race 3 - Bagworth Heath 13/1/13

We returned to the popular course at Bagworth Heath for the 4th event in this season’s cross-country league. This is always a wet and muddy course, and as the sun melted the frost it was just as wet and muddy as ever. Dave Lod was still recovering from his ankle injury at Sinai Park so elected to be photographer for the day rather than risk further injury on the mud and camber. It adds an extra dimension for the Roadhoggs runners as they wonder where Dave will spring from with his camera. He would probably get arrested for it anywhere else. Speaking of getting arrested, Ruth, Clare and Rebecca all came close when they scared the children in the junior race - you will have to ask them how.

From the start point where I was you saw the race pass by twice and could also see the runners on top of the ridge in the middle of the course. I was able to be a really good captain and cheer our runners by as I guarded Trudy’s cake. Nick led the team in as usual with another fine 8th place. At halfway he was in 7th so held on to his place. He was in his usual lucky race shorts which unlike Nick are now beginning to wear out a bit. Rob topped Nick’s style though in a very interesting combination of shorts, trackies and hidden strapping. Next in was Jerry, and then John D who had his best xc race and broke into the top 100 for the first time. Robin was pushing ahead on his own for the first time as he only usually runs with Clare, and dug in after a fast start to stay just ahead of John H and Colin. Robin and Morgan, both newcomers, finished well up and I think we have more to come from them. Also it was good to see Chris Peach back once again. For the girls Rebecca was first home although she has been unwell recently. Then Jackie, having twisted her foot, limped to the finish like a brave Hogglette. Ruth, Amy and Barbara had their own race. And I must mention Jess who struggles round near the back but does not give up … keep going Jess and you will improve. The course was very slippy everywhere … John S and Clare both fell, but not together.

Some of the men’s results have been amended by one place as a runner (not a Roadhogg) went through the funnel without taking a disc.

Steve Robinson, Morgan, Jess and Robin have all signed up to Roadhoggs this year because they love running through the pretty countryside so much. 

RESULTS (‘just over 5m’):
MEN: 8th Nick Cobley 33.01, 85th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 38.57, 98th John Davies (V40) 39.44, 113th Robin Meynell 40.20, 114th John Hallisey 40.23, 116th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 40.34, 117th Dale Jenkins (V50) 40.50, 135th Chris Peach (V40) 41.23, 169th Morgan Gaylard 43.19, 172nd Steve Robinson 43.37, 178th Baz Barrett (V50) 44.04, 202nd Steve Wheeler (V40) 45.48, 213th Craig Atton 47.01, 225th Rob Taylor (V50) 48.50, 245th Ian Bass 52.21, 251st John Stew (V50) 54.16, 259 finished.
LADIES: 16th Rebecca Bromwich 41.46, 32nd Jackie Brown (V40) 44.32, 54th Ruth Stevely (V40) 47.44, 57th Amy Gasper 47.57, 67th Barbara Hermann 49.42, 73rd Clare Mendes 50.41, 90th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 52.58, 137th Jess Morris 64.10, 138 finished.
TEAMS: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 3rd dvn 2, combined 8th dvn 1. TEAMS AFTER 3 RACES: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 3rd dvn 2, combined 9th dvn 1.

Derby Runner League Race 2 - Sinai 2/12/12

This race is a bit of a journey for Roadhoggs as Sinai Park is in Burton-On-Trent. But as the Derbyshire clubs who compete in this league do most of the travelling (most of the races are in Leicestershire), we have to make the long trip sometimes. I expected that fewer Roadhoggs would make the trip to the more distant venue, but I was wrong; once again we turned out in great numbers and no less than 27 (16 men, 11 ladies) stood at the line at the start. We had 3 more first-timers in Grace Robinson, Steve Robinson and Barbara Hermann, and it was Ruth’s birthday so as an extra treat to herself she came along to run the race. Dale had been poorly with serious man-flu during the week, and Chris Peach did not make it as he has hurt his back (ask him how). Some sheep wandered around the tents before the start … either they were impressed by our new club banner or they were looking for Trudy’s cakes.

This is a regularly used venue for the league; this time the host club Hatton made some course changes but they still kept the uphill start and the double climb up, down and back up onto Sinai ridge which is so hard on the legs. There were plenty more hills around the course, and in places it was hard and rutted after the overnight frost, but where the sun melted the frost it was muddy and wet. Nick and Ludo led the Roadhoggs charge again with a brilliant 6th and 14th in the men’s race, and Rebecca surprised herself again with a brilliant 6th in the ladies! Jackie and Ruth finished well up in the order and several in the team finished higher up than Markfield, even accounting for the smaller field, eg Jerry, John, Dave Lod, Dan, Amy, Trudy, Jess and Valerie. Amy just edged out Barbara to complete the ladies scoring team, and Craig finished just ahead of Martin to complete the men’s scores. Jess and Valerie sprinted together for the finish with Jess just getting ahead at the line. Dave Lod turned his ankle as he sprinted to the finish; it is now swollen and sore and I hope it gets better soon Dave. The ladies finished 2nd team in division 2. Afterwards Ruth’s husband took her away to get her cleaned up and take her out for a birthday dinner. Thanks to all who ran, and special thanks to John Stew, Jerry Wilkes and Richard Norton who helped at the primary schools races on Saturday as well.  

RESULTS (5.3m):
MEN: 6th Nick Cobley 33.11, 14th Ludovic Renou 34.55, 99th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 41.33, 109th John Davies (V40) 42.47, 125th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 43.35, 127th Dale Jenkins (V50) 43.40, 149th Dave Lodwick (V50) 45.15, 169th Craig Atton 47.12, 170th Martin Capell (V50) 47.17, 182nd Dan Bannatyne 48.32, 194th Steve Robinson 49.46, 199th Baz Barrett (V50) 50.20, 208th Rob Taylor (V50) 51.38, 242nd John Stew (V50) 61.00, 244th Richard Norton (V40) 62.00, 247th Ian Bass (V40) 63.25, 251 finished.

LADIES: 6th Rebecca Bromwich 43.15, 22nd Jackie Brown (V40) 48.39, 27th Ruth Stevely (V40) 49.47, 55th Amy Gasper 55.41, 58th Barbara Hermann 56.15, 64th Grace Robinson 57.17, 77th Rachel Clarke 59.40, 85th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 60.32, 87th Clare Mendes 60.59, 103rd Jess Morris 63.57, 104th Valerie Spezi 63.58, 113 finished.

TEAMS: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 2nd dvn 2, combined 9th dvn 1. TEAMS AFTER 2 RACES: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 3rd dvn 2, combined 9th dvn 1.  

Derby Runner League Race 1 - Thornton 18/11/12

The sun shone bright at Markfield and a record 31 Roadhoggs came along to run the first xc league race this season. There was a huge field of over 500 runners which caught the organisers by surprise and meant that there were queues of several minutes in some places around the course. This gives an advantage to runners in front of you as you have to wait while they get away. Also, some of the ladies, who are of course slim and light, said they were pushed around a bit in the crowded race by the heavier men. It wasn’t intentional but there were just too many in the race; the organisers have already said they will look in starting the men and ladies separately if there are so many runners next time. Apart from the congestion, this was a scenic and pleasant 5.6 mile route through grassland, woodland and lakeside. In places it was muddy and wet as the morning frost had melted so it was hard to keep your balance. But what a turnout from Roadhoggs! We had 7 men and 4 ladies making their debut for the cross-country team: Dan Bannatyne (only 2 years late), Dan Barnes, Martin Capell, Morgan Gaylard, Chris Herber, Lee Hubbard, Sam Jolly, Lorena Capell, Rachel Clarke, Amy Gasper and Jess Morris. Also we welcomed back some runners who we have not seen for a while, such as Craig Atton, John Hallisey-Prosecuting and Chris Peach, and of course most of the regular muddy Roadhoggs were there to make this our best ever team. I counted 5 pairs of nice shiny new running shoes, which didn’t stay shiny for very long, and an outstanding pair of shorts on Clare which she cleverly used to dazzle anyone running behind her.   

Nick and Ludo led the men home. It’s good to see Ludo back to his old form. They were followed by Sam J with a great debut run as those long legs bounded over hills and trees. And then Lee, also in his first run over the country. Then came Dale, Jerry and Colin just to show that the more mature runners can still hack it. For the girls Bec and Jackie led the way, which was a surprise to Bec as she didn’t expect to run so well. Behind these, all the Roadhoggs came charging in to the finish, to the cheers and applause of their team mates. It was hard for me to keep up with the finishing positions, and Trudy is going to have to make more cake (I hope you got some Valerie). Thanks to Richard for taking the photos. Thanks to everyone who ran, bring on the next race!  

RESULTS (5.6m):
MEN: 10th Nick Cobley 34.44, 20th Ludovic Renou 36.44, 79th Sam Jolly 40.44, 119th Lee Hubbard 43.36, 134th Dale Jenkins (V50) 44.43, 135th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 44.52, 157th Colin Bowpitt (V40) 46.21, 162nd John Hallissey 46.28, 200th John Davies (V40) 48.54, 201st Dave Lodwick (V50) 49.07, 219th Ceri Davies (V40) 50.51, 233rd Morgan Gaylard 52.01, 236th Daniel Barnes 52.07, 238th Chris Peach (V40) 52.30, 248th Dan Bannatyne 63.36, 250th Baz Barrett (V50) 53.41, 253rd Craig Atton 53.56, 282nd Rob Taylor (V50) 56.21, 286th Chris Herber 56.40, 315th Sam Richardson 62.41, 332nd Ian Bass (V40) 65.25, 340th Martin Capell (V50) 71.36, 349 finished.

LADIES: 12th Rebecca Bromwich 48.06, 23rd Jackie Brown (V40) 50.44, 72nd Amy Gasper 61.01, 94th Clare Mendes 64.23, 110th Rachel Clarke 66.20, 113th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 139th 66.37, Lorena Capell 71.18, 144th Valerie Spezi 72.13, 154th Jess Morris 77.00, 166 finished.

TEAMS: Men 4th dvn 2, ladies 5th dvn 2, combined 9th dvn 1.  


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