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Reports by Kim Richardson, Cross Country Captain

Derby Runner League Race 5 - Sinai Ridge 18/02/07

This is the race that starts up a steep hill so you are knackered for the whole of the race. Then we ran around the ridge, which was quite muddy and with some difficult cambers so you had to watch your footing. After about 3 miles we came to a long tough climb which was ok to run at the start but in the end you were walking. Then down again which made me wonder if there was more ahead; I was right, we had to climb an even longer hill and I walked this one all the way but didn't lose any places because no one was running. All in all I like this course because it's scenic and there are some fast sections. Still only 5 Roadhoggs; Jon is still improving and at one point got past Dave but Dave made a race of it.

RESULTS: Men: 64 Adrian Stanley 40.16, 81 Dave Lodwick (V40) 41.20, 92 Jon Heap 42.41, 128 Kim Richardson (V50) 45.53, 153 Rex Stapleford (V70) 64.34, 156 finished. I don't want to mention where the team finished, but everyone else is above us.

Derby Runner League Race 4 - Castle Hill Park, 21/01/07

With most Roadhoggs on marshalling duty we did well to have 5 in this race, though it will have cost us points for not finishing a full team again. After even more rain the Roadhoggs course was mud and water all the way, even the higher ground was wet underfoot and it was hard work for all of the runners. At least it was a bright day and not too cold. Being on duty near the finish, I was amazed how quickly the leaders reappeared again; why can't I be as fast as these guys?

RESULTS: Men: 93 Adrian Stanley 44.04, 99 Chris Mann (V40) 44.18, 130 Jon Heap 47.49, 155 Baz Barrett (V40) 51.44, 179 Rex Stapleford (V70) 63.26.

Huncote Hash 31/12/06

The hash course was quite wet and muddy this year but it could have been even worse after all the rain. Only 2 Roadhoggs made it, Dave covering the 6.5 miles in overall 75th and Kim in 133rd out of 255 finishers. Croft Hill as usual was a real challenge, a long and steep climb followed by a shorter and even steeper downhill. Then there was the run through the brook and round the quarry where your feet sank into a mix of mud and sand for almost a mile. Then there was the vertical sand-heaps which you had to pull yourself up. Oh joy. Really this race is just a good post-Christmas burn-out and it's very friendly and good fun. There are always one or two fancy dress runners, and this year I passed a group of blokes in dresses; you wouldn't catch me out in the countryside wearing those colours. The soup after the race was very welcome !!

RESULTS (overall): 75 Dave Lodwick (V40) 52.49, 133 Kim Richardson (V50) 60.18, 255 finished.

Derby Runner League: Race 3 - Bagworth Heath, 17/12/06

We returned to the popular Bagworth course for the next league race. Another bright and cold day, another wet and muddy slog but this time is was splashy rather than clingy mud. Some of our regular runners were unavailable but some other Roadhoggs returned to the team so we ended up with just 5 men again, and this time no Rachel. We welcomed back Steve Gale, after 7 months without racing, and Adrian Stanley, another quality runner (creep creep). Chris Mann returned from his French nuptials, cycled to the race, ran, and cycled home - tough guy! All 5 were pleased with their runs round a testing course, lots of hills and slopes to fall down.

RESULTS: 34 Steve Gale (V40) 37.04, 101 Chris Mann (V40) 41.54, 109 Jon Heap 42.41, 110 Adrian Stanley 42.48, 141 Kim Richardson (V50) 45.12, 189 finishers. Afterwards we enjoyed coffee and mince pies. Once we get Dave and Rex back, we're nearly a team !!

Swithland Cross Country relays, 3/12/06

We were back at the Swithland course just a week after the league race for the cross-country relays, organised by Barrow Runners. Same course, still wet and muddy. Roadhoggs had a bit of a makeshift men's team. Jon Heap set off first around the 2.5 mile loop (it seemed a very long 2.5 miles to me!) and reappeared at the changeover whilst Dave and me were still chatting! Jon later confessed he and a few others had taken a wrong course, and I think the organisers added time to the last runners to compensate for this, either that or Dave Lodwick had a crap day. I set off on leg 2, handed over to Rex for leg 3 and finally Dave had the glory leg. We didn't do too bad, finishing 26th out of 35 teams. These relays make a nice change, there is always someone to chase and you have to work hard round the shorter distance.

LEGS: Jon Heap 21.04, Kim Richardson (V50) 25.22, Rex Stapleford (V70) 32.15, Dave Lodwick (V40) 27.36 (adjusted time).

Derby Runner League, Race 2: Swithland, 26/11/06

Mike Munday is back !! On a bright day we all set off but after just a few minutes, with the race strung out down a field edge, somebody shouted that we were all going the wrong way !! So the race stopped and we all trudged back from different directions to a restart. We were asked to be honest and position ourselves more or less where we were before the race stopped, which was a bit of a bummer because I could have restarted in front of Mike - in fact he came to the restart as last Roadhogg but he still got back to the front and WON the race ! The course was 2 laps, not hilly but very wet and very very very muddy. There were few sections which were not deep and soggy mud, so it was all hard work. There were queues at the early stiles and brook crossings so you could have a bit of a breather. We only had 5 guys again, plus dear ole' Rachel who is our entire ladies team. Once again we are struggling as a club and propping up the league. Where are the rest of you girls and guys? Don't you like getting dirty on a Sunday morning? Speaking of that, Chris Mann did contact me to say he was in France on a dirty weekend but would be thinking of us ... ooh er.

RESULTS 1 Mike Munday (V40) 35.26, 119 Dave Lodwick (V40) 47.24, 143 Jon Heap 49.43, 185 Kim Richardson (V50) 54.35, 220 Rex Stapleford (V70) 68.45 - 224 finishers. 56 Rachel Moyes 58.31 - 117 finishers.

Derby Runner League, Race 1: Ullesthorpe, 29/10/06

Report by Steve Martin.

There was a new venue for the first race of the new cross country season and it was not quite like any that I had come across before. It was run from Manor farm at Ullesthorpe. The parking, certainly for the early arrivals, was in the farmyard and surrounding areas and my own place was up against the cow shed where the occupants were enjoying a late breakfast. The walk to the start then took you by the pig sties and into a field which gave the spectators a great view of much of the race because of its elevated position. I did not run due to my continuing injury problems so I watched the race unfold beneath me, when I wasn't showing Baz's Louis the cows and pigs, rather like King Richard watched the battle of Bosworth Field from his vantage point nearby. I suppose it could be said that Roadhoggs had an equally bad day. The troops who did turn up, Chris, Baz, Jon, Dave L and Rachel fought valiantly over a good course on a bright autumnal day but they were swamped in a massive field of 302. However, I am sure that the fab five will not be put off by such poor support and will live to fight another day, particularly Rachel who has invested in a snazzy pair of cross country shoes. Personally, I hope we see this course again.

RESULTS 76 Chris Mann (V40) 44.40, 111 Dave Lodwick (V40) 47.51, 136 Jon Heap 50.22, 150 Baz Barrett (V40) 51.47 - 204 finishers 53 Rachel Moyes 58.48 - 102 finishers 

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