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Reports by Kim Richardson, Cross Country Captain

Derby Runner League Race 5 - Bosworth Battlefield: 14/02/10  

On a bright and cold morning we assembled by the Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre for the final league race this season (unless they re-arrange the cancelled race from January which I can't really see happening now). As it was Valentines Day the Roadhoggs told me how much they loved running cross country on these chilly mornings, so much nicer than staying in a warm comfy bed.    

As some Roadhoggs were in Barcelona for a running weekend we were a bit depleted but still finished a full men’s team so for the first time ever we had full men’s teams in every league race. But the girls were just one short so they finished a full team in every race except this one.   The course itself was a bit longer than usual; 5.35 miles around farm tracks and woodland paths, and the loops kept returning back to the visitor centre so there were some good spectator points. Although there weren't any steep hills some said it was tougher than Grace Dieu because of the long gradual climbs.    

The men's team packed pretty well with everyone just about in sight of each other, led by Jerry who overhauled the fast starting Craig midway through the race. Still it was good to have Craig back, plus another of Hannah's men friends Simon Dodds making his debut. Dale had another great run, followed by Dave, Paul who is improving race by race, Baz, Simon and Hitesh. For the girls Rebecca made the top 20 for the first time with Emma chasing her in and Hannah steadily improving further back. Overall the teams finished the league, division 2, in 7th (men), 4th (girls) and 5th (combined), our best ever so thanks a lot all of you we are looking up! Only one other thing; as I have been out injured these last 2 races I am surprised that the team has done so well without me. We must have some other really good runners.

RESULTS sorry no times as they did not coordinate times with positions:
Men: Jerry Wilkes (V40) 74th, Craig Atton 87th, Dale Jenkins (V50) 99th, Dave Lodwick (V40) 115th, Paul Langham (V40) 129th, Baz Barratt (V40) 144th, Simon Dodds 167th, Hitesh Pandya (V40) 170th, 207 finishers.
Ladies: Rebecca Bromwich 19th, Emma Klimowicz 30th, Hannah Richardson 78th, 110 finishers.
Teams: men 6th div 2, ladies unplaced, combined unplaced. Teams after 4 races: men 7th div 2, ladies 4th div 2, combined 5th div 2. Well done girls!

Derby Runner League Race 4 - Grace Dieu 31/01/10

The morning was bright but very cold. I was wondering how many would run for us today as I had not had many replies,and with the cancellation of the Bagworth race it had been a long time since the last league race way back in early December. But one by one the Roadhoggs strolled up and we had a full mens team to maintain our record numbers this season. The ladies were one short so we used up our 'one last place given' option which we are allowed once each season. We even had two more new runners; Hannah Richardson, of the famous Richardson running dynasty, came along with her training partner Phil Norman to try out a league race as I had been banging on about it for ages. I am hopeful we will get them back for another one, but Phil has got to get some proper shorts to run in and not his beach ones. We stood around on our club tarp amongst the club tents and decided it was so bloody cold and Roadhoggs should to buy us a tent as well. The mens race started first and the ladies 10 minutes later which gave them their own race plus the incentive of catching up with any men. The Grace Dieu course was the same as last two years, which includes the long climb at the start, the long and steep rocky scramble up to the top of Broad Hill, a steep climb in the last half mile and then the 'travelator' right up to the finish line. Its one of the toughest courses in the league but at least the ground was generally hard rather than wet and muddy which makes all the running so much harder. Nick as usual led Roadhoggs in and broke into the top 20, backed up by Jerry and the rest. Dave and Paul both had really good runs. In the girls race Rebecca and Emma raced all the way round with Rebecca just shading it in the end, though Emma is moving up with every race. As a team we are slowly moving up the division ... thanks guys lets keep this up!

Men: Nick Cobley 15th 34.08, Jerry Wilkes (V40) 98th 39.20, Dave Lodwick (V40) 114th 40.09, Mark Chamberlain (V40) 118th 40.18, Dale Jenkins (V50) 127th 41.07, Paul Langham (V40) 153rd 42.21, Baz Barratt (V40) 170th 43.38, Hitesh Pandya (V40) 202nd 46.20, 223rd Phil Norman 48.56, 244 finishers.
Ladies: Rebecca Bromwich 21st 43.57, Emma Klimowicz 23rd 44.09, Hannah Richardson 71st 53.55, 100 finishers. Teams: men 7th div 2, ladies 4th div 2, combined 4th div 2.
Teams after 2 races: men 7th div 2, ladies 3rd div 2, combined 4th div 2.

Derby Runner League Race 2 - Aylestone Meadows 6/12/09

This was a new event in the league. Aylestone Meadows is the open grassland area between the canal and Narborough Road, so this was very central for the Leicester clubs and a nice change from some of the distances we have to travel to the league races. I got there early but Nick was even earlier, as if he had slept in the meadow all night. The weather was very bright after the rain and the course was another 2-lapper, all quite flat with muddy sections here and there and one or two small climbs. There were some stretches of tarmac so you had the choice of spikes which suited most of the course or studs and get a bit of an advantage on the tarmac. We had 16 runners again which was another brilliant turnout from the Roadhoggs, thank you. After the 5 league debutants last time we had 2 more with Paul Langham and Hina Patel, clearly the thought of running round the countryside and having to wash your kit in the shower is appealing to more and more of you. Nick and Clare led the teams in with storming runs again, well backed up by the usual strong middle order. Baz had a better run than usual. We were pleased to see Fuzzy, Rebecca and Jon back, and Cleggy making his usual once-every-three-years appearance for Roadhoggs. Thanks for cheering us round Trudy, hope your cold gets better soon. Afterwards we enjoyed some club mince pies on the club tarp.

Men: Nick Cobley 20th 32.08, Jerry Wilkes (V40) 105th 36.14, Dale Jenkins (V50) 119th 36.55, Dave Lodwick (V40) 140th 38.04, Jon Heap (V40) 160th 39.27, Stef Turner 161st 39.29, Baz Barratt (V40) 177th 40.20, Steve Clegg (V50) 179th 40.39, Paul Langham (V40) 182nd 40.50, Hitesh Pandya (V40) 194th 41.08, Kim Richardson 215th (V50) 43.05, 236 finishers.
Ladies: Claire O'Neill 10th 37.50, Rebecca Bromwich 29th 41.06, Emma Klimowicz 33rd 41.58, Fazila Hajat (V40) 101st 52.44, Hina Patel (V40) 102nd 52.48, 110 finishers.
Teams: men 9th div 2, ladies 3rd div 2 (great performance girls), combined 7th div 2. Teams after 2 races: men 8th div 2, ladies 2nd div 2, combined 6th div 2.

 Derby Runner League Race 1 - Foremark 22/11/09

The league kicked off at Foremark Reservoir on Sunday, and it was a great start for Roadhoggs with 11 men and 5 ladies. What an impressive bunch we all looked as we huddled together in the wind and rain by the doorway to the visitor centre, watching some of the other clubs put up their tents. Its looking a bit like a refugee camp at the league races these days but the demands for a Roadhoggs club tent are increasing so I will start to look at what's available. Anyway, the race itself is 2 laps with 2 really tough climbs each time. I admire anyone who can run up them because I couldn't help walking but never lost any ground as everyone around me was walking as well. These races are getting bigger; over 400 this time. The first lap was cold and wind and rainy. Ahead, in the back order of the race, I could see Baz, John, Hitesh and Emma so I had targets to aim at. I did catch Emma and she chased me round the rest of the race, poor girl. The weather calmed down second time around but we were all already tired. The best part is a long straight gravel track at the end of each lap where you can at least try and get going. At the front our Nick continued his great from with 24th and then Mark came in 39th on his return to cross-country after a few years out. We had good middle order with Jerry also in good form and Dale and Dave right in there as usual. We have scored well in the men's team race. For the girls Claire is also getting better and better and came in 13th with Angela, I think running her first league race for us, not far behind. We also got a good ladies team score and if we keep this up all season we'll be right up there. Stef, Hitesh, Emma and Anita all made their cross country debuts for Roadhoggs and I am sure they all had the greatest fun and can't wait for the next race. John and Trudy both fell, but not together which is a good job or they will never have finished the race. Anita also fell but got up to finish. Mrs Baz fell as well and she was only watching!

Results (most times are missing as they got mixed up at the finish):
Men: Nick Cobley 24th 35.23, Mark Chamberlain (V40) 39th 36.19, Jerry Wilkes (V40) 109th, Dale Jenkins (V50) 126th, Dave Lodwick (V40) 146th, Stef Turner 183rd, Adrian Stanley (V40) 209th, Hitesh Pandya (V40) 221nd, Baz Barratt (V40) 226th, John Stew (V50) 232nd, Kim Richardson (V50) 246th, 282 finishers.
Ladies: Claire O'Neill 13th, Angela Ladkin (V40) 31st, Emma Klimowicz 56th, Trudy Sharpe (V40) 111th, Anita Pabla 121st, 121 finishers.
Teams: men 7th div 2, ladies 11th div 2, combined 9th div 2.

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