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Reports by Kim Richardson, Cross Country Captain

Derby Runner League Race 6 - Holly Hayes 2/3/14

Derby Runner League Race 6 – Holly Hayes 2/3/14   The day started brightly but clouded over through the morning. It felt like a storm was coming to Holly Hayes but in the end we had just some light wind and rain and the stormy weather held off until the afternoon. This course is good for spectators as it’s 3 laps which come back through the start and finish area so you can watch the race unfolding. It’s also a nicer course for the runners as it’s 5+ miles through mainly woodland paths and not very hilly. Some Roadhoggs were involved in events on the previous day; Trudy, Dale and Dave Lod all ran the Charnwood Marathon but still came along to support the team. Jerry and John Stew also ran the marathon but came and ran this as well, because they are a little crazy. And Vicki, Nick, Keith and Dan were all at the Roadhoggs curry night the previous evening (how much can Nick eat?) at which, after a few beers, Keith decided to make his comeback a few years after his last cross country race.  

We missed a lady vet for the combined team but under league rules you are given a last place once in the season so not much harm done. Vicky was first in, a good run after that curry, with Becca less than a minute behind and improving with each run. Then came Amy, with another top half finish. Amy arrived at the last minute and ran down to the start just as the runners were observing a minute’s silence for a Hinckley runner ... she must have thought that they were all waiting patiently for her to arrive before starting the race. In the men’s race, James B had another terrific run, around 10th at half way but picked off one or two in the final lap to finish right up there in 6th. Nick was not happy with his run, he lost some ground and finished 26th but hey Nick anyone else would be thrilled with that and, to be fair, you were full of chicken tikka and heaven knows what else. Next in was John D who managed to get by big Sam in the final lap. Then Steve W who is still improving, and then Jerry, the mile machine, who started easily then worked his way through the field. Chris and Hitesh completed the scoring 8, followed in by Dan, Keith and John S.

League organiser Dave Mann ran at the back of the race carrying a leg injury, he fell badly at the brook crossing and banged his head and broke a finger. He was patched up by the medics and still finished the race before being taken to hospital for a check-up. I checked on Monday and he’s recovering ok but looking a bit beaten up.  

In the end we finished 8th in the top overall division and held our place there, which is a great result for the season. And the men’s and ladies teams both finished 4th in their individual second divisions, so the girls matched last season and the men dropped just one place but they improved from 5th going into this race. We presented Trudy with a gift for all the home-made cakes which are so welcomed by the team at every race. Thanks to all the Roadhoggs who ran this league, you do the club proud.    

MEN: 6th James Bostock 32.47, 26th Nick Cobley 35.08, 87th John Davies (V40) 38.32, 94th Sam Jolly 38.50, 106th Steve Wheeler (v40) 39.40, 108th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 40.04, 139th Chris Peach (V40) 42.23, 152nd Hitesh Pandya (V50) 43.54, 176th Dan Bannatyne 46.38, 183rd Keith Dakin 47.36,199th John Stew (V50) 54.38, 206 finished.
LADIES: 27th Vicki Sutton 44.12, 34th Rebecca Bostock 45.03, 54th Amy Gasper 48.05, 106 finished.
TEAMS: men (dvn 2) 4th, ladies (dvn 2) 4th , combined (dvn 1) 4th.
TEAMS AFTER 6 RACES (FINAL POSITIONS): men (dvn 2) 4th, ladies (dvn 2) 4th, combined (dvn 1) 8th.

Derby Runner League Race 5 - Bosworth 16/2/14

It was a sunny day at the Bosworth Battlefield Centre, still cold but at least we were having a break from the gales so the refugee village was not blown away. The last time tents were grouped together like this was just before Richard III went into battle 500 years ago. The call went out and Roadhoggs came and answered it. Numbers were down compared to the 20-plus we have put out in the league so far this season, with some runners away, injured or on marathon training. But there was no doubt about the determination from every one of our 10 guys and 5 girls who came and raced. On what should have been an easier course but was actually a 5.5 mile bog run after all the rain, the Roadhoggs team fought their way round and lifted us from 9th to 8th in the combined division 1 and away from the threat of relegation with just one race to go. Now we start our march towards European Cross ... sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away. Steve R and Barbara returned from their skiing trip only hours earlier, Trudy came along after a 21-mile run the day before, and Jerry set off for Bradgate on a 20-mile run after the race!. New girl Becca brought along husband and new guy James in his nice clean yellow shoes, and James was a new star for us as he set off after the leaders and hung on for 9th place in his debut race! His shoes were no longer yellow though. In fact all of the runners came in with legs and shoes covered in mud and it was hard to tell where shoes ended and socks or legs began. Nick and Sam were next in, then Jerry who had a great race and nearly got to Sam at the finish. Next in close order were Dale and Steve W, then Chris and Steve R also racing each other, and then Dave Lod and Dan. For the girls Vicky Sutton was first home with Becca close behind just like the previous race. Ruth was next with mud on her face, which you would have to pay for in a beauty parlour but in this league you get it for free. Then Amy who combines running with long and difficult working hours these days, and then our very own Trudy.  

Bosworth Battlefield is a good venue with parking close by, a choice of courses and some real toilets. Thanks to Hinckley RC for excellent organisation and marshalling. Trudy’s cakes went down well too. If you are not running cross-country for Roadhoggs then you are missing out.  

MEN: 9th James Bostock 36.02, 24th Nick Cobley 37.32, 84th Sam Jolly 42.12, 86th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 42.17, 121st Dale Jenkins (V50) 44.36, 123rd Steve Wheeler (V40) 44.48, 142nd Chris Peach (V40) 46.29, 143rd Steve Robinson 46.36, 146th Dave Lodwick (V50) 47.04, 192nd Dan Bannatyne 51.27, 232 finished.
LADIES: 30th Vicki Sutton 48.57 32nd Rebecca Bostock 49.35, 51st Ruth Stevely (V40) 54.16, 57th Amy Gasper 54.49, 84th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 62.17, 106 finished.
TEAMS: men (dvn 2) 3rd, ladies (dvn 2) 3rd, combined (dvn 1) 7th.
TEAMS AFTER 5 RACES: men (dvn 2) 5th, ladies (dvn 2) 4rd, combined (dvn 1) 8th.  

Next race is at Holly Hayes, Whitwick, in two weeks ... see you there.

Derby Runner League Race 4 - Grace Dieu 12/1/14

It was a bright but cold day again and our Transportable Event Needs and Treatments centre was crowded out with 21 Roadhoggs. The day before, I watched the Edinburgh International cross country on Saturday, which the GB team won overall thanks mainly to the girls. Then I came to Grace Dieu to watch the Roadhoggs girls and men's team give their all once again at the demanding Grace Dieu Prep School course. Grace Dieu was tougher than Edinburgh and would have made better TV; it includes a long hill around halfway which seems to go on for ever and is quite rocky in parts, a couple of stream crossings, and the famous travelator finish. But the Roadhoggs rise to these challenges and laugh at them as they run for each other. We welcomed new runners Afra and Becca, and also welcomed comeback runners Bec and Rachel, and everyone made a mental note of where Trudy put down the cakes. Some Roadhoggs had trained hard on the Saturday so did especially well to run again on the Sunday: Ludo ran one of his ‘Jack Daniels’ sessions (long distance with speed training built in) that he learned in the US, Valerie ran her long miles, and Trudy did an 18.5 mile run as part of her training for a trail marathon.  

The men started 10 minutes before the ladies again, which is a good idea I think where it’s possible to do that as it cuts congestion and gives the ladies their own race. Some runners, including one or two Roadhoggs, went off course in the second half because it was badly marked. I will tell Shepshed RC and hope that didn’t affect the final positions too much for any club. Sam had an urgent toilet stop but I think he stepped off course for it so hopefully did not scare anyone. Nick got ahead of Ludo but Ludo never gave up the chase. Nick roared as he sprinted up the travelator. Next in for the means scoring team were young dudes James and Sam, and Jerry who had a good one today. Hitesh was pleased that he beat all of the ladies ... I know they gave him a start but it was still one of his best runs of the season. Jackie and Vicky Sutton had their own race and this time Jackie just had the edge. Next was new girl Becca just ahead of old girl Bec ,who was upset as she finished much further back than usual but hey Bec you are coming back from injury again and there is always another race for you. Afra and Ruth followed in close order, though Afra was barged by someone at the finish line which was not very sporting. Then came Rachel, who fell in her comeback race but was not hurt too badly and carried on bravely to the finish. Ashley and Becca both said that they enjoyed the race ... they both married only last year (not to each other) so I think they now appreciate that love and cross country running give you a happy and fulfilling life.  

It was all very wet and muddy again after the rains but the club tarp took the punishment and I hosed it down in the garden. I wanted to clean it indoors but Lynne refused to share the shower with it. I should imagine a few runners were hosed down at home as well.  

MEN: 12th Nick Cobley 33.16, 16th Ludo Renou 33.30, 46th James Dunham 34.47, 110th Sam Jolly 38.01, 126th Jerry Wilkes (V40) 39.30, 132nd John Davies (V40) 39.43, 164th Dale Jenkins (V50) 40.47, 169th Steve Wheeler (V40) 41.04, then no times given for: 209th Drew Simpson, 220th Dave Lodwick (V50), 265th Hitesh Pandya (V50),  339 finished.
LADIES: 36th Jackie Brown (V40) 42.59, 37th Vicki Sutton 43.06, 41st Rebecca Bostock 43.22, 48th Rebecca Bromwich 44.35, 72nd Afra Kelsall 46.30, 78th Ruth Stevely (V40) 47.06, 109th Rachel Clarke 50.25, 118th Ashley Simpson 51.40, 148th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 56.41, 154th Valerie Spezi 59.00, 166 finished.
TEAMS: men (Dvn 2) 4th, ladies (Dvn 2) 3rd, combined (Dvn 1) 8th.
TEAMS AFTER 4 RACES: men (Dvn 2) 5th, ladies (Dvn 2) 4rd, combined (Dvn 1) 9th.

Derby Runner League Race 3 - Bagworth 1/12/13

It was a nice bright morning at Bagworth Heath. But after the club presentation event the night before, which finished quite late, I was a little worried that our cross country runners might not make it to the start line or be suffering from effects of alcohol and lack of sleep. But most did make it, and altogether 23 Roadhoggs turned up at Bagworth Heath. I was pleased to see them and tried to tell the few with sore heads that the run would be good for them ... fresh air, lovely countryside ... but I don’t think they believed me. It was good to see Chris Peach making a rare appearance. After a few wee trips into the woods the Roadhoggs team joined the start and set off up the hill. It was at this point that I learned from a marshal that the course was not as advertised; instead of the usual one small and two large laps it turned out to be one small and one very large lap, so I shouted this change at as many of our runners as I could, as they went by after the small lap. I think some heard me but anyway the single long loop will have been a nice surprise. Certainly it was for the men’s winner from Derby Tri, who came home after about 20 minutes (5+ miles ?????) from the wrong direction so had obviously missed a marshal somewhere.  

In the race proper, the young bucks Nick, James and Sam led our the men’s team, with James improving on his previous race at Markfield. They were chased in by older buck Dale and Steve Wheeler and one or two aged and weary but still highly tuned runners. A little further back Steve Robinson and Drew are slowly but steadily improving. For the girls our debut runner Amanda was inspired by a Roadhoggs vest and was our first girl in 12th with Vicki S and captain Jackie not far behind. Rae and Vicki S had their own race, and poor Ashley fell badly and grazed her leg but got up and bravely carried on to the finish. It was hard to separate the mud from the blood on her leg but new husband Drew took charge and got her cleaned up by the medics. Ruth, Barbara and Trudy can-canned their way round the course. Even without Amanda’s score (as she is second claim), the girls still finished top division 2 team in the race.  

Afterwards we enjoyed Trudy’s home made cakes, which are such a great reward to enjoy after a race. By the way, the Hoggs only just outnumbered the Hoggettes by 12 to 11 ... watch out guys, here comes the girls and soon they will take over and be in control.  

RESULTS (advertised as 5+ miles but was short):
MEN: 18th Nick Cobley 30.16, 43rd James Dunham 31.45, 119th Sam Jolly 35.11, 121st Dale Jenkins (V50) 35.20, 148thth Steve Wheeler (V40) 36.42, 174th Steve Robinson 38.13, 175th Chris Peach (V40) 38.25, 180th Dave Lodwick (V50) 38.45, 190th Drew Simpson 39.10, 222nd Hitesh Pandya (V50) 41.15, 271st John Stew (V50) 48.29, 276th Rex Stapleford (V70) 52.05, 278 finished.
LADIES: 12th Amanda Harris (V40) 36.57, 22nd Vicki Sutton 39.05, 25th Jackie Brown (V40) 39.29, 40th Rae Clark 40.52, 42nd Vicki Salt (V40) 40.55, 71st Ruth Stevely (V40) 44.13, 85th Amy Gasper 45.44, 87th Ashley Simpson 45.57, 117th Barbara Hermann 48.50, 121st Grace Robinson 49.29, 129th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 50.19, 158 finished.
TEAMS: men (dvn 2) 5th, ladies (dvn 2) 1st, combined (dvn 1) 9th.
TEAMS AFTER 3 RACES: men (dvn 2) 5th, ladies (dvn 2) 3rd, combined (dvn 1) 8th.

Derby Runner League Race 2 - Thornton 17/11/13

Race 2 was from South Charnwood High School, the only xc race with indoor changing in a hall. The pre- race information sheet said ‘no changing facilities’ but the hall was open and runners were changing into and out of their race kits with the usual abandon. Some more hardy clubs had still pitched their tents outside, but I bagged a bench in the hall so that our delicate and sensitive Roadhoggs (ha ha) could prepare and recover in the warm and dry. Ash and Drew, with new runner James in tow, were pushing their luck though as they arrived quite late and had to change on the start line! The day was dry but cloudy and cool. This course is a scenic 5.5 miles down to Thornton Reservoir and back ... with good downhills to enjoy on the way out (woo hoo) and tough climbs on the way back (boo). We had 27 runners in the main race, and there were over 500 running altogether. Like last year this is a very popular event so this time they staggered the start and set the ladies off 10 minutes after the men, which helped to reduce the queueing at some points around the course. But they still ran out of discs in the mens race, then ran out of spare discs as well and the last few runners had to remember their finishing positions!  

In the mens race, Ludo in 8th got the better of Nick in 11th. Next in was James Dunham in his debut race, then Sam J, John D, Jerry, Dale and Steve W completed our scoring 8. It was good to see Rex back racing again, at the grand old age of 81. Jackie led in the girls like a good captain, and then Vickie ran with more confidence and finished just ahead of Amy and Ruth to complete the scorers. Further back we thought Barbara had dropped out somewhere, but she came in and explained she was not pushing it too much as she had only given a blood donation a day before. Some other Roadhoggs had also taken part in the University relays on the previous day but still came and ran the xc ... what a team! Thanks very much everyone.

 John S pointed out runners in a black kit with the name ‘Badgers’. They are in the results so must be a new or re-named club this season. I will try to find out. It’s a good job this wasn’t Somerset or they would have been culled.  

Before the race, John Heywood of County AA presented Ludo with a medal for 1st v/35 in the County 10m championships held with the Fraser 10 a few weeks ago. Well 4th v/35 actually as the previous 3 finished in 1st to 3rd places overall. It’s still good Ludo that you are a champion.  

I would like to mention young Liam Wheeler, only 6 years old, who ran his first race in the junior mile.  He wasn’t at the front but tried his best and was smiling all the way round. Mum and Dad Wheeler were quite proud. The Bromwich girls pulled out this time but I am sure we will see them racing again soon, also Bec also could not run as she is suffering another dvt, so dad Rich was the only Bromwich who ran though he does not count for us as he ran for Leicester Tri Club. Maybe one day he will be good enough to join Roadhoggs.  

RESULTS (approx 5.5 miles):
MEN: 8th Ludovic Renou 34.12, 11th Nick Cobley 35.42, 80th James Dunham 38.43, 105th Sam Jolly 39.53, 107th John Davies (V40) 39.59, 121st Jerry Wilkes (V40) 40.42, 155th Dale Jenkins (V50) 42.34, 176th Steve Wheeler (V40) 43.32, 187th John Hallissey 44.02, 204th Ceri Davies (V40) 44.58, 222nd Dan Barnes 45.52, 232nd Drew Simpson 46.37, 241st Dave Lodwick (V50) 46.58, 246th Steve Robinson 47.19, 264th Hitesh Pandya (V50) 48.29, 334th Ian Bass (V40) 53.51, 345th John Stew (V50) 55.33, 358th Rex Stapleford (V70) 59.04, 364 finished.
LADIES: 31st Jackie Brown (V40) 45.11, 88th Vicki Salt (V40) 49.47, 90th Amy Gasper 50.02, 92nd Ruth Stevely (V40) 50.06, 110th Ashley Simpson 51.41, 121st Grace Robinson 52.44, 158th Trudy Sharpe (V40) 56.20, 167th Barbara Hermann 57.41, 178th Valerie Spezi 59.09, 194 finished. TEAMS: men (dvn 2) 3rd. ladies (dvn 2) 7th, combined (dvn 1) 8th.
TEAMS AFTER 2 RACES: men (dvn 2) 3rd. ladies (dvn 2) 4th, combined (dvn 1) 8th.  


Derby Runner League Race 1 - Foremark 20/10/13

The cross country season kicked off with a return to Foremark reservoir. Early in the morning it was raining but at race time the weather was dry but quite windy by the lakeside and the Roadhoggs transportable hospitality centre had to be held down with extra pegs to stop it from being blown away. This is a popular xc venue, with scenic views over the lake and a varied course of 2 laps around grassland, muddy trails and a gravel pathway. There are 2 steep and muddy hills in the lap, so you get to do each one twice which makes this course a real challenge.

First off for Roadhoggs were Alisha and Maya Bromwich in the children’s races; they both ran well for first timers and I hope we see them running some more. In the adult race Nick, even after a heavy night before, and Bec who was recovering from an injury, both bagged 13th places. The ladies team was missing captain Jackie who was nursing a calf strain but we had 2 new Vickies as both Vicky Sutton and Vicky Salt made their debuts ... Vicky Sutton ran a great second lap to come through in 20th. Next in for the men was Dale which was a good result for him but, with respect to our more mature runners, we needed a few of you younger guys there to give Nick some closer support. After that we packed pretty well with John H and Ceri (who said he did not enjoy it) leading the pack. For the girls Amy came in next and then Ruth, who was reminiscing that she used to make top 20 but now we have so many in the races that it’s harder for everyone, also Ruth you are ever so slightly older now. It’s good to see Roadhoggs out there cheering their team mates in. Even if you finish further back you work just as hard and you are all important to the team ... keep on running.

Robin probably ran his last race for us for a while as he prepares to join Clare out in China. We won’t see him for six months, but I am expecting to hear news from our new Chinese Loadhoggs. After the race we enjoyed cakes sent by dear Trudy who was running down in Dartmoor, but didn’t let us down. Tucking into her cakes afterwards is an real incentive for our cross country team.  

RESULTS (approx 5.5 miles):
MEN: 13th Nick Cobley 35.42, 121st Dale Jenkins (V50) 42.41, 130th John Hallissey 43.07, 133rd Ceri Davies (V40) 43.21, 141st Robin Meynell 43.35, 157th Dan Barnes 44.07, 191st Steve Robinson 45.54, 233rd Hitesh Pandya (V50) 48.24, 251st Ian Bass (V40) 52.12, 253rd Baz Barrett (V50) 52.20, 286 finished.
LADIES: 13th Rebecca Bromwich 43.42, 20th Vicky Sutton 44.39, 50th Amy Gasper 48.48, 59th Ruth Stevely (V40) 49.39, 84th Vicki Salt (V40) 52.03, 89th Grace Robinson 52.42, 95th Barbara Hermann 53.36, 158 finished.
TEAMS: men (dvn 2) 7th, ladies (dvn 2) 3rd, combined (dvn 1) 8th.


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