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Sunday 19th February
DRL: Allestree

Tuesday 21st February

Wednesday 22nd February
Training @ Manor Rd

Sunday 26th February
LRRL: Stilton 7

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Recent Results

LVpr 18/2/17

Marcus Shaikh 28th, 22.00
Terry Woodhouse 29th, 22.00
Richard Curtis 39th, 22.32
Lee Hennell 67th, 24.08
Rachel Dearden 68th, 24.11
Jacqui Dean 124th, 28.10
Ruth Stevely 125th, 28.13
Brian Feldman 172nd, 31.11

Bpr 18/2/17

James Thurman 19th, 19.29
Ben Milsom 87th, 22.55
Max Barratt 110th, 23.55

Stamford Valentines 30K

Brian Feldman 566th, 3.33.31

LVpr 11/2/17

James Thurman 14th, 20.13
Igor Burbela 23rd, 21.17
Richard Curtis 38th, 22.12
Lee Hennell 67th, 23.52
Maria O'Malley 128th, 27.46

Tooting Common pr

Kathryn Evans 159th, 25.21

MHpr 11/2/17

Steve Barnes 54th, 23.44

Bpr 11/217

Max Barratt 51st, 22.40
Ben Milsom 58th, 22.50
Baz Barratt 140th, 27.08

Gloucester Marathon

John Stew 175th, 5.22.42
Jon Heap 176th, 5.22.42

Charnwood Hills Race

Dave Lodwick 115th, 2.01.56
Kathryn Evans 226th, 2.21.10
Marcus Shaikh 227th, 2.21.24
Lee Hennell 289th, 2.38.15

Watford HM

Brian Feldman 1489th, 2.18.20

LVpr 4/2/17

Steve Wheeler 34th, 22.02
Richard Curtis 46th, 22.41
Shaun Heaphy 114th, 26.43
Jeannette Franklin 156th, 28.40
Brian Feldman 187th, 30.33
Alison Lodwick 214th, 32.41

MHpr 4/2/17

Steve Barnes 66th, 23.45

Bpr 4/2/17

Max Barratt 17th, 19.13(PB)
Sam Jolly 23rd, 19.41
Ben Milsom 87th, 22.50
Kathryn Evans 167th, 26.03
Maria O'Malley 223rd, 28.30

Las Palmas 10K

Steve Palmer 311th, 46.08

Bpr 28/1/17

James Thurman 19th, 19.51
Rachel Dearden 37th, 21.08
Max Barratt 61st, 22.47
Ben Milsom 65th, 22.54
Jeannette Franklin 210th, 28.58

Pegwell Bay pr

Brian Feldman 107th, 31.55

Crystal Palace pr

Kathryn Evans 78th, 24.53

Kibworth 6

We hope everyone enjoyed their race. Draft race results have been posted on the Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network site.


Wednesday training is now back at Manor Road for the winter. On Wednesday 22nd we'll drag in a few different streets: 6.2 miles, 5.1 miles and 4.2 miles.

Squelching in Sinai

Sinai XC

A bit of a baptism of fire (or rather, mud) for Derby Runner debutants Leah, Liz and James B at a very soggy Mount Sinai. Considering the distance, we had a really good turnout (although we were lacking the all important lady vet). On a day that brought Paul Simon to mind (Slip sliding away) everyone was a little less clean and shiny by the end of 5 hard miles. Rachel was fastest for the ladies and James took the honours for the men. Full report to follow. results.

New Beginner and Improver Groups

We will be starting two new groups from Wednesday 11th January (7pm at Manor Rd). The first will be a Couch to 5K type, for complete beginners, and the second is aimed at people who've run their first 5K and want to move their running on. You can sign up at:


County Bronze

Congratulations to our Masters ladies, Rachel, Jackie and Emma who landed Bronze medals at the County cross country championships at a rather muddy Burbage Common. Kudos too to our battling men; James T, Terry, Richard C, Marcus and Brian.

Doing it in Style

Trudy Well, she might have been stood up by her nemesis the gorilla but Trudy certainly made a style statement at the Huncote Hash. Amazingly, the dress looked as bright and shiny at the end of six and a bit miles of mud as it did at the beginning; reportedly, NASA have made a bid for it so they can research the dirt-repelling qualities of the fabric.

Sam was first home for the men and Jackie for the ladies. Kudos to Igor and Liz for tackling the annual mud-fest in road shoes.

Captain Kim was on hand to offer encouragement as the runners fought their way up Croft Hill.