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For our Wednesday run from Manor Road on January 23rd we'll be doing the Tour of Oadby routes in the opposite direction to that shown (just to keep you on your toes). Routes: 6.2 miles,  5 miles and 4.1 miles. Alison will also lead an improvers run.

We also offer 'structured' sessions on a Tuesday at Victoria Park (War Memorial, 7pm) where our coach supervises hill and interval training. These sessions are aimed at any member who wants to improve their running (irrespective of current speed). For 22/1/19 we'll be doing an Oregon Session. This workout, in which you alternate running and strength exercises, is a great way to improve your ability to overcome fatigue in the later stages of a race.

Beginners and Improvers

Our 10 week beginner group began on Wednesday 9th January at 6.15pm. Our improver group (Wednesdays 7pm, Manor Road), aimed at at people who've run their first 5K and want to move their running on, is also open. If you think this might be for you, please contact Alison (Beginner Running Coordinator).


Bagworth team picture

We had a great turnout at a rather drizzly Bagworth Heath. Sezer and Chris B made great debuts and Berhane did really well to battle round, what ended up being quite a slippery course, in road shoes. Sam J dug deep to beat Richard for the honour of being first Hogg and Trudy, Jeannette, Natasha, Cath and Siobhan brought it home for the ladies. Provisional results.

County XC Champs


Well done to our representatives in the County Cross County Championships. Valerie flew the flag for the ladies, we had Sam J and Sam C in the Seniors, and Richard, Terry and 'championship specialist' Brian in the Masters. Enjoying the firmer going and spurred on by a race-long battle with Steve Morris of Desford, Brian had one his best races for a while and finished with a huge smile on his face.

DRL Race 3: Bradgate

A massive thank you to the Roadhoggs and friends who helped stage our cross country race at Bradgate. There has been lots of positive feedback. Results.

Holly Hayes XC

A perfect day for running cross country. Eight Hoggettes and Eleven Hoggs enjoyed the twisty turny course through Holly Hayes Woods. No hills this time but lots of leaves, rocks and water. We were pleased to welcome Mat for his first taste of proper XC. Once again, Mark and Aruna were our first finishers.

Launde XC

A beautiful day, if a little chilly, for the first fixture of the 2018-19 season. We were treated to a new course and, despite the absence of mud, it was a real tester. At least the frequent hills provided good views of the beautiful East Leicestershire countryside! Our nine ladies were led in by Aruna and the eleven gents by Mark. Results.

Carl Rutt 10K

This is one of the toughest road races in the county but we had lots of really good runs. Mark and Jackie led the teams and Richard came out to show the youngsters how it's done. Charly, Debra and Andy all ran well on debut, with Andy joining Cath, George and Brhane in setting a PB. Results via LRAN



Recent Results

LVpr 19/1/19

Alastair Mottram-Epson 10th, 19.00
Nathan Booker 12th, 19.11
Richard Garnett 24th, 20.18
Sezer Domac 26th, 20.31
Berhane Germai 27th, 20.34(PB)
George Barratt 42nd, 21.23(PB)
Laura Pepper 41st, 21.26(PB)
Max Barratt 53rd, 21.43
Peter Mottram-Epson 66th, 22.28
Dave Lodwick 89th, 23.27
Terry Woodhouse 104th, 23.56
Lee Fairclough 177th, 26.13
Mat Jenkinson 191st, 26.33
Baz Barratt 214th, 27.20
Kathryn Evans 308th, 30.20
Hilary Browne 312th, 30.36
Jade Rushin 351st, 31.45
Liz Butler 380th, 33.32

Newark pr

Harry Short 81st, 25.42

Rushcliffe pr

James Thurman 12th, 19.35

Bpr 19/1/19

Martin Capell 260th, 28.19
Siobhan Ridgeway 395th, 33.42

LVpr 12/1/19

Nathan Booker 7th, 19.45
Sezer Domac 10th, 20.15
Berhane Girmai 15th, 20.45
Laura Pepper 27th, 21.27(PB)
George Barratt 28th, 21.30(PB)
Andrew Fuller 31st, 21.44
Peter Mottram-Epson 42nd, 22.21(PB)
Dave Lodwick 98th, 24.48
Aruna Bhagwan 122nd, 25.24
Stevie Beeby 125th, 25.29
Baz Barratt 183rd, 28.06
Jade Rushin 259th, 30.18
Hilary Browne 273rd, 30.47
Liz Butler 328th, 33.35
Brian Feldman 330th, 33.37
Mat Jenkinson 332nd, 33.42
Sangita Pandya 343rd, 34.23

Rushcliffe pr

James Thurman 6th, 19.37

Colwick pr

Harry Short 116th, 28.17

Bpr 12/1/19

Martin Capell 227th, 28.45

Leics & Rutland XC Champs
Masters Women (8K)

Valerie Spezi 42nd, 46.11

Leics & Rutland XC Champs
Masters Men (10K)

Richard Garnett 57th, 43.29
Terry Woodhouse 70th, 46.39
Brian Feldman 86th, 1.08.02

Leics & Rutland XC Champs
Senior Men (10K)

Sam Jolly 43rd, 43.15
Sam Crouchman 51st, 47.16

LVpr 5/1/19

Laura Pepper 41st, 22.22
Prab Bhella 60th, 23.23
Stevie Beeby 153rd, 26.58
Mat Jenkinson 165th, 27.26

Lyme Park pr

James Thurman 17th, 22.05

St Anne's pr

Harry Short 11th, 22.44

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Tuesday 22nd January
Oregon Session @Victoria Park

Wednesday 23rd January
Training @ Manor Road

Tuesday 29th January
Intervals @Victoria Park

Wednesday 30th January
Training @ Manor Road




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