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Keswick pr

Brian Feldman 200th, 35.40

Swindon pr

Richard Curtis 65th, 22.30

Totley Moor

Dave Lodwick 98th, 59.45

LVpr 20/5/17

Steve Palmer 49th, 22.39
Valerie Spezi 189th, 30.17
Prab Chauhan 202nd, 30.41(PB)
Ian Loke 207th, 30.44
Usha Goyal 305th, 51.43

MHpr 20/5/17

Rob Milstead 35th, 21.24

Bpr 20/5/17

James Thurman 28th, 20.09
Ben Milsom 37th, 20.36
Max Barratt 117th, 24.20
Chris Willmott 123rd, 24.26
Rachel Dearden 159th, 25.20
Baz Barratt 166th, 25.32
Martin Capell 242nd, 27.46

Tansley Hill Race

Dave Lodwick 50th, 43.04

Rugby 6

Tim Parry 218th, 47.35

Wymeswold Waddle

James Thurman 16th, 32.00
Rachel Dearden 90th, 38.19

Keswick pr

Brian Feldman 200th, 35.40

Swindon pr

Richard Curtis 65th, 22.30

Totley Moor

Dave Lodwick 98th, 59.45

LVpr 20/5/17

Steve Palmer 49th, 22.39
Valerie Spezi 189th, 30.17
Prab Chauhan 202nd, 30.41(PB)
Ian Loke 207th, 30.44
Usha Goyal 305th, 51.43

MHpr 20/5/17

Rob Milstead 35th, 21.24

Bpr 20/5/17

James Thurman 28th, 20.09
Ben Milsom 37th, 20.36
Max Barratt 117th, 24.20
Chris Willmott 123rd, 24.26
Rachel Dearden 159th, 25.20
Baz Barratt 166th, 25.32
Martin Capell 242nd, 27.46

Tansley Hill Race

Dave Lodwick 50th, 43.04

Rugby 6

Tim Parry 218th, 47.35

Wymeswold Waddle

James Thurman 16th, 32.00
Rachel Dearden 90th, 38.19

Race to the Stones 50km

Barbara Hermann 39th, 6.22.56

LVpr 15/7/17

Emma Raven 38th, 22.15
Marcus Shaikh 65th, 24.09

Holkham pr

Rob Milstead 13th, 20.24
CHarlotte Wood 19th, 21.14

Parke pr

Ian Aldridge 9th, 22.29

Porthcawl pr

Jeannette Franklin 140th, 27.32
Shaun Heaphy 141st, 27.33

Folkstone pr

Brian Feldman 192nd, 32.18

Crystal Palace pr

Kathryn Evans 376th, 39.37

Rushcliffe pr

James Thurman 62nd, 22.36
Rachel Dearden 155th, 26.22


Lee Fairclough 136th, 26.20(PB)

Gainsborough pr

Harry Short 28th, 29.55

Bpr 17/2/18

Ben Milsom 23rd, 20.28
Martin Capell 177th, 27.16

Leicestershire HM

George Barratt 408th, 1.50.58(PB)
Lee Hennell 490th, 1.53.33
Valerie Spezi 721st, 2.05.22

Mad Dash 20k

Chris Peach 50th, 1.55.17

LVpr 10/2/18

Nathan Booker 22nd, 20.03
Marcus Shaikh 125th, 26.52
Baz Barratt 96th, 25.13
Hilary Browne 199th, 30.05

Gedling pr

James Thurman 3rd, 20.06
Rachel Deraden 12th, 23.06

Walthamstow pr

Brian Feldman 85th, 34.00

Tooting Common pr

Kathryn Evans 111th, 22.33

Bpr 10/2/18

Ben Milsom 28th, 21.42
Harry Short 29th, 21.45(PB)
Martin Capell 147th, 27.42

Winter Series 5K

Stevie Beeby 26th, 24.03
Brian Feldman 73rd, 34.56

Charnwood Hills

Dave Lodwick 89th, 2.00.01
Kathryn Evans 146th, 2.11.05
Steve Wheeler 243rd, 2.29.39
Hitesh Pandya 283rd, 2.47.23

Watford HM

Brian Feldman 1820th, 2.35.00

LVpr 3/2/18

Sam Crouchman 14th, 20.48(PB)
Terry Woodhouse 30th, 22.25
Lee Hennell 49th, 23.26(PB)
Steve Robinson 55th, 23.54
Janet Hall 70th, 24.36(PB)
Marcus Shaikh 81st, 25.07
Dipika Patel 159th, 28.25
Brian Feldman 241st, 32.47

Stratford-on-Avon pr

Lee Fairclough 168th, 27.38

Glossop pr

Harry Short 58th, 29.27

Rushcliffe pr

James Thurman 5th, 19.33
Rachel Dearden 101st, 25.09

Coventry pr

Stevie Beeby 129th, 23.46

Bpr 3/2/18

Ben Milsom 19th, 20.38
Martin Capell 186th, 28.15
Kathryn Evans 325th, 41.52

LVpr 27/1/18

Nathan Booker 13th, 19.45
Igor Burbela 22nd, 20.47
Max Barratt 29th, 21.18
Leah Boatman 40th, 22.06(PB)
George Barratt 43rd, 22.23
Lee Hennell 74th, 24.00
Baz Barratt 94th, 24.54
Marcus Shaikh 95th, 24.54
Lee Fairclough 147th, 27.24
Dipika Patel 168th, 28.20(PB)

Bakewell pr

Harry Short 58th, 24.08

Lincoln pr

James Thurman 11th, 19.34
Rachel Dearden 50th, 22.07

Eastbourne pr

Kathryn Evans 89th, 24.10

Bpr 27/1/18

Ben Milsom 26th, 21.40
Martin Capell 189th, 28.33

LVpr 20/1/18

Nathan Booker 19th, 19.42
Stevie Beeby 79th, 23.40(PB)
Baz Barratt 119th, 25.25
Lee Fairclough 178th, 27.31
Dipika Patel 206th, 28.24(PB)
Liz Butler 254th, 30.14
Emily Chorley 314th, 32.51

Rugby pr

Harry Short 18th, 22.36

Roundshaw pr

Kathryn Evans 45th, 23.56

Bpr 13/1/18

Ben Milsom 38th, 21.36
Martin Capell 190th, 27.49

Cambridge pr

Harry Short 71st, 22.33(PB)

Pegwell Bay pr

Brian Feldman 145th, 31.54

LVpr 13/1/18

Natthan Booker 16th, 20.08
Igor Burbela 25th, 20.42
Dave Lodwick 50th, 22.22
Marcus Shaikh 153rd, 26.52
Lee Fairclough 179th, 27.26
Valerie Spezi 201st, 28.31
Hilary Browne 214th, 29.00
Dipika Patel 224th, 29.24
Usha Goyal 271st, 31.55
Emily Chorley 278th, 32.34(PB)
Alison Lodwick 339th, 40.24

Bakewell pr

James Thurman 7th, 19.23
Rachel Dearden 27th, 22.16

Lloyd pr

Kathryn Evans 36th, 25.05

LVpr 6/1/18

Nathan Booker 11th, 20.00
James Thurman 13th, 20.05
Rachel Dearden 40th, 22.30
Janet Hall 90th, 24.55(PB)
Lee Fairclough 155th, 27.57
Marcus Shaikh 183rd, 29.17
Dipika Patel 186th, 29.19
Liz Butler 216th, 30.54

Bpr 6/1/18

Ben Milsom 54th, 22.50
Baz Barratt 80th, 24.08
Martin Capell 203rd, 29.11

Roundshaw Downs pr

Kathryn Evans 17th, 23.51

Coventry pr

Harry Short 127th, 24.16

Winter Series 5K

Stevie Beeby 23rd, 24.57
Brian Feldman 68th, 34.44

LVpr 1/1/18

Igor Burbela 39th, 20.58
Terry Woodhouse 77th, 22.57
Max Barratt 84th, 23.16
Lee Hennell 114th, 24.32
Baz Barratt 151st, 25.47
Marcus Shaikh 206th, 27.41
Liz Butler 312th, 32.00
Brian Feldman 339th, 33.59

Bpr 1/1/18

Igor Burbela 74th, 22.48
Jeannette Franklin 340th, 29.51
Shaun Heaphy 343rd, 29.53
Liz Butler 495th, 34.10
Brian Feldman 515th, 34.54

Colwick pr

James Thurman 24th, 22.10
Rachel Deraden 153rd, 28.19

Gedling pr

James Thurman 36th, 22.39
Rachel Dearden 142nd, 27.32

Peckham Rye pr

Harry Short 307th, 32.19




Doing it in Style

Trudy Well, she might have been stood up by her nemesis the gorilla but Trudy certainly made a style statement at the Huncote Hash. Amazingly, the dress looked as bright and shiny at the end of six and a bit miles of mud as it did at the beginning; reportedly, NASA have made a bid for it so they can research the dirt-repelling qualities of the fabric.

Sam was first home for the men and Jackie for the ladies. Kudos to Igor and Liz for tackling the annual mud-fest in road shoes.

Captain Kim was on hand to offer encouragement as the runners fought their way up Croft Hill.

Queen Hogg!


Jackie Brown was crowned 'Athlete of the Year' at the Roadhoggs Annual Dinner. She has overcome serious injury with hard work and determination and continues to set a fantastic example. She was a run-away winner, after spending the year of collecting V50 awards like they were going out of style and setting fantastic times in the process.  There were other deserved awards for Fabio Caraffini, Ben Milsom and Barbara Hermann (Cross Country), Jackie Brown and Dave Lodwick (Road Running), Charlotte Wood and James Thurman (Improvers).

There were also awards for John Stew (Club service) and Rich Norton (Chairman's).

Thornton XC


A beautiful morning for appreciating the autumnal colours around the reservoir at Thornton. We had a great turnout (25) and welcomed Rachel and Graham for their debuts. Even better, some of our new runners from Holly Hayes came back for more! Rachel and Sam were impressive first counters for the team and there were some good battles throughout the field. Cross country is beginning to look more like an episode of bakeoff, but I'm pleased to report that the Roadhogg 'entrants' (Trudy and Ben) more than held their own. Results. Photo credit: Stephen Lee.

Leicester Marathon and Half

Ben  James

Plenty of good running; Kathryn led the Hogg finishers in the full and Ben made an excellent Marathon debut. John went sub-4 for the first time in a long while (75 odd Marathons) and Jon entered the nineties. In the half, there were PBs for James T and Chris W and Gold Standards for Steve P and Dale.

Award Winners

Congratulations to our veteran ladies, who finished runners up in Division 1 of the Leicestershire Road Running League. We also had individual success with Jackie winning the prize for 1st V50 and Alison, Ben, Dave, Marcus and Trudy picking up 100% awards.

Equinox 24

Wildhoggs and friends

The club were well represented at this popular local event; the degrees of madness (solo, pair or team) varied, though. The team (Ben, James T, Terry, Keith, Ruth, Marcus, Rachel and Tim) completed 25 laps and finished 32nd 'large' team. Steve R and Barbara finished 5th pair with 20 laps. Jerry completed 16 laps (13th solo) and John and Trudy called a truce, crossing the line together after each completing 12 laps (62nd and 63rd solos). A big thank you to captain on the day, Ben, and to Dan for pulling the whole thing together.

Joy Cann 5

Some great runs in the annual tear-up round the streets of Huncote and Narborough. Fortunately, the strong wind didn't slow people too much. There were PBs for Charlotte and Ben, plus Gold Standards for Jackie, Charlotte, Dave and Steve P. Provisional Results (race website).

Club Handicap

Warm weather and a strong wind added to the challenge of a hilly course meant that only two runners managed to beat their target time. Two time men's champion Steve P made a valiant effort to make it a hat-trick but was beaten by 'dark horse' Graham. For the ladies, Amy put put in a determined performance to beat a tough field. Results.

Hungarton 7

A great turnout on wednesday and seems like several people took advantage of the cooler conditions to post fast times. Congratulations to Valerie, Jackie, Charlotte, Shaun, Marcus, Richard and James B who all set 7 mile PBs. Results.

Swithland 6

Our best turnout of the year (34) and it looked like everyone had an enjoyable race. Mark and James B where well up in a very competitive men's field and Charlotte led some very impressive performances by our ladies. Provisional results v2.

Gaddesby 7

A tad warm, but otherwise a good day to sample a new scenic and testing course. Unsurprisingly, with the close proximity to the WE8 and the multitude of competing attractions, we were a bit down on numbers. However, those that did make it seemed to have a good time. Provisional results.

Hoggette Hat-trick!

Winter League Trophies

Congratulations to Emma (1st V45), Charlotte (2nd V40) and Jackie (2nd V50) in the 2016 LRRL Winter League.

West End 8

Well done to those who braved the hill in South Croxton. Clare grabbed a PB but the stars of the day were Tim and Trudy who both had by far their best races of the season so far. Provisional results.

Livingston Relays

Well done to our two men's teams and to captain Rambo for correctly picking the four fastest on the day (just) for the 'A' team. Team A (16th of 35): James Boyd 17.41, Baz Barratt 20.54, Mark Ramsden 18.06 and Ben Milson 19.31. Team B (32nd of 35): Tom Martin 20.57, Dan Bannatyne 23.09, Max Barratt 24.59 and Mike Cummins 21.12.

Kibworth 6

Well the hills were still there; unmoved by threats involving the use of bulldozers or high explosives! A cold wind failed to spoil what was a perfect morning for running and a handy crop of Hoggs turned out to pit themselves against one of the toughest courses in the County. We welcomed Tim to his first road race for the club and Ashley, James B and Edd to their first league starts of the year. Inevitably, the tougher course had an effect on times, but Charlotte, Baz, Brian and Tom impressively bucked the trend by improving on their Barrow times. The ladies packed well with both senior and veteran teams finishing in the top 30. Draft results.


A big thank you to everyone who helped make the Roadhogg/SJ takeover of the Leicester Victoria parkrun such a success. Special thanks to Race Director Rich Norton for pulling it all together. We also had three of our current crop of beginners running; two of whom were doing their 'graduation' parkruns. Congratulations to Sukhi, Nehal and Rosie.


Stilton 7

Steve P Dale

Probably because we don't run it that often, we think of the Stilton course as harder than it really is. Asfordby hill is hard work, particularly the second time, but times (on average) were no slower than Barrow. We were pleased to welcome Liz, Emily and Chris to their first runs for the club and to have Rob with us again. Dale, Jackie and Mark R hit the Gold Standard we've come to expect of them (despite the latter two having been 'on the razz' the night before), but we were also delighted to see Steve P follow up his Gold in the Las Palmas 10K with another one in the slightly less salubrious surroundings of post-industrial Asfordby. Draft results.

DRL Ullesthorpe

It was so windy on top of the hill that the tent stayed in its bag and we huddled round the club  'tarp'; just like old times. A good crop of Roadhoggs enjoyed a good testing course (if not the tough uphill finish) and we were pleased to welcome Jacqui D, Jeannette and Raj to their first XC races. We also made inroads into an excellent selection of cakes afterwards. Results.

DRL Grace Dieu

Wot no travelator? Grace Dieu went 'back to the future' by returning to a 2-lap format. A revised start and finish meant we were spared the dreaded travelator sprint at the end. The course had a little of everything and a bit more of mud and water but was a fair challenge. Even the drizzly rain couldn't spoil the sweet taste of Trudy's scientifically formulated post race recovery food (cake). Draft results.

New Year Enters with a Splash

Team shot

The hardcore mud lovers were out for the annual post-Christmas burn up; the Huncote Hash. A good chunk of the course was under water and more was falling from the skies but it was great fun, as ever. The race was a sell out; people falling over themselves to get soaked and comprehensively muddy (mud is obviously 'the new black'!).